CDs and DVDs: teaching kit


  • CD Drive (Compact Disc Drive)
  • DVD Drive (Digital Video Disc Drive)
  • CD Media
  • DVD Media
  • Screwdrivers and wrenches for disassembly and reassembly


1 Required for CD procedures
To open and disassemble a CD drive: (1) the CD drive; (2) an Allen wrench; (3) a Phillips screwdriver; (4) a flat-tipped screwdriver; (5) a star-tipped screwdriver; and (6) screw storage.
2 Required for DVD procedures
To open and disassemble a DVD drive: (1) the DVD drive; (2) an Allen wrench; (3) a Phillips screwdriver; (4) a flat-tipped screwdriver; (5) a star-tipped screwdriver; and (6) screw storage.

Remove the shell
Insert the flat tipped screwdriver at either of the two spots marked on the picture around the CD Drive pry at them as needed to release the adhesive on the inside of the top. The only major cautions are to not lose any of the small screws or springs and to avoid damaging the multi-conductor flexible cable linking the electronics to the optical assembly.

4 Remove the electronics
Place the unit upside-down on a soft surface. Remove 4 Phillips head screws securing bottom cover. Set bottom cover aside.

Remove the Front Bezel
Unclip the front bezel. Slide it out with the tray as far as it will go. You may need to manually activate the eject mechanism with a paperclip.

6 Remove the Printed Wiring Board
Remove 2 Phillips screws securing Printed Wiring Board (PWB). Gently lift the PWB and disconnect connector to latch solenoid assembly in front of unit.

Remove the flexible cable
Gently lift the PWB further and disconnect flexible cable connector on optical assembly. Mark the orientation so there will be no doubt about getting it correct when you reassemble. There is a latch at each end which you push away from the connector 1 mm or so. The cable will than come out easily.

8 Remove the tray assembly
Remove the tray assembly Lift the latch solenoid assembly up, remove and set aside. Using a paper clip or similar shaped pin, iers or tweezers, disconnect and set aside the two tray retraction springs. Note their position and orientation.
9 Remove the opto/mechanical assembly
Remove the two plastic guides - one on each side. There are little tabs that you will need to depress and then lift each guide straight up. The entire deck can now be slid forward and lifted off. The opto/mechanical assembly can then be removed from the tray. The tray can also be set aside.
10 Notes
If you prop up the PWB and reconnect the flexible cable - note the orientation marks you made previously - you can then run the drive with full visibility of the mechanism and optics. With a CD in place, there is no danger to you from the laser beam. Just make sure the PWB cannot short to anything and that the whole affair cannot tip over. Reassemble in reverse order. Be especially careful reinstalling the flexible cable. Make sure no wires are being pinched and that nothing is obstructing free movement of the optical pickup. All screws should be tightly secured, resist unscrewing, and could be removed in ether order.