Current and former group members followed by photos


  • Prof. Sohrab Ismail-Beigi
  • Mr. Zheting Jin, Applied Physics graduate student
  • Mr. Bruce Ma, Applied Physics graduate student
  • Ms. Elifnaz Onder, Applied Physics/Mech. Eng. & Mat. Sci. undergraduate student


  • Postdoctoral fellows:
    • Dr. Alex Taekyung Lee, CRISP-related Postdoctoal Associate 2017-2022 — research scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Chemical Engineering in the group of Prof. Anh Ngo
    • Dr. Kayahan Saritas, SI2-SSI/AOR Postdoctoal Associate 2019-2022 — staff scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Dr. Minjung Kim, NSF SI2-SSI Postdoctoral Associate 2014-2019 — Software Engineer at NVIDIA
    • Dr. Subhasish Mandal, NSF SI2-SSI Postdoctoral Associate 2014-2018 — Assistant Professor position at West Virgina University 
    • Dr. Andrei Malashevich, NSF MRSEC (CRISP) Postdoctoral Associate 2012-2015 — was at Sendyne Corp (startup) in New York [deceased]
    • Dr. Jie Jiang, NSF-SOLAR (Nanosolar team) Postdoctoral Associate 2010-2013 —  postdoctoral position at Wright-Patterson Airforce Base (AFRL) under the direction of Dr. Ruth Pachter
    • Dr. Alexie Kolpak, CRISP postdoctoral Associate 2007-2010 — adjunct teacher at Bennet Day School (Chicago area)
  • Graduate students:
    • Dr. Stephen Eltinge, Physics graduate student 2015-2021 —  at Mathworks as a Senior Software Engineer.
    • Dr. Xin Liang, Applied Physics graduate student 2012-2019 — a Quantiative Researcher
    • Prof. Alexandru Georgescu, Physics graduate student 2012-2017 — junior faculty at Indiana University Bloomington
    • Dr. Mehmet Dogan, Physics graduate student 2012-2017 — postdoc at UT Austin
    • Dr. Arvin Kakekhani, Physics graduate student 2011-2016 —  Senior Research Scientist at Dassault Systèmes
    • Dr. Thomas Mellan, visiting graduate student from Imperical College London, March-May 2013, continued to a postdoc at the Thomas Young Theory Center at Imperial College London 
    • Prof. Hanghui Chen, Physics graduate student 2007-2012 — faculty at NYU Shanghai since fall 2016
    • Dr. Kevin Garrity, Physics graduate student 2006-2011 — reseach physicist at NIST 
    • Dr. Hui Tang: Applied Physics graduate student 2006-2011 — Treasury QR at Citadel
  • Undergraduate students:
    • Mr. Yejia Chen, visiting undergraduate student from SJTU (2019)
    • Mr. Yuxin Sun, visiting undergraduate student from USTC, summer research project (2019)
    • Dylan Young, Physics undergraduate student at Yale, summer and fall research projects (2016)
    • Michael Onyszczak: (summer 2015) CRISP REU student from Iowa State University — currently completing undergrad studies
    • Alexis Morris: (summer 2013) CRISP REU student from Truman State University — currently applying for graduate studies in Chemistry
    • Ismail El Baggari: (summer 2011-summer 2012) Applied Physics undergraduate researcher — continued to graduate school in Physics at Cornell University
    • Sheide Chammas: (summer 2010-spring 2011) Applied Physics undergraduate researcher — continued to graduate school in Yale’s Computer Science Department
    • Diana Qiu: (fall 2010) Physics undergraduate senior project — continued to graduate school in Physics at Berkeley
    • Torrey Levin-Russell: (fall 2009-spring 2010) undergraduate researcher (SCSU) — continued to graduate school at Boston College Physics
    • Stephen Fedele: (fall 2006-spring 2007) undergraduate Applied Physics senior project — continued to Google
    • Madeleine Udell: (summer 2006) undergraduate researcher (Perspectives in science) — continued to graduate school in Computational Mathematical Engineering at Stanford
    • Yejin Huh: (summer 2005-spring 2006) Physics undergraduate senior project — continued to graduate school in Physics at Harvard
    • Eli Luberoff: (summer 2005) undergraduate researcher (Perspectives in science) — went to found and be president of Tutor Trove, LLC
    • Caitlin Lonegan: (fall 2004-spring 2005) undergraduate Applied Physics senior project — proceeded to a career in painting, a M.F.A. from UCLA in 2010, and Artist-in-Residence at the University of Nevada 2012.
  • High school teachers and collaborators:
    • RET summer 2016: Charmel Monet Moore, New Haven Math teacher (Ross Woodward school)
    • Kenneth Spinka, New Haven High School Teacher of physics, math, and AP computer science

Some photos of the group members