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Lesson 2: Methods Models for CDs and DVDs?

Objective(s) - students will be able

1. To use manufacturing models to describe observed relationships between characteristics of Methods Models when CDs and DVDs are engineered

2. To derive manufacturing models from existing equations and relations (solve multivariate equations for one of the variables)

3. To provide examples of the application of the Methods Models

4. To represent functions as equations, tables, graphs, and verbal descriptions

5. To describe the mechanical functions used to Methods Models

6. To draw and label a simple pictorial representation of a Methods Model

7. To calculate the mechanical methods of Methods Models

8. To describe the relationship between methods of construction and engineering in at least two different ways

Prerequisite skills


Provide graph paper, worksheets with student tasks, questions, and a place to insert answers.

Relevant Vocabulary, Terms and Symbols

Manufacturing, access rates, storage capacity, transfer rates, USB


A method can be modeled by having students dissemble and examine flash drives as a class activity. While one student accounts for the parts, another student can be prompted to estimate the function of that part and the method of construction. Yet another student propagates a larger method, and again the students can estimate the metrics of the second method. A discussion explaining the definition of data transfers follows. The data transfers can be related to the materials and the methods. Provide one form for each of the equations for the Models observed. Prompt students to derive the other equations for these observations. Provide students with specific calculation questions that can be solved using the presented equations. Provide encouragement and feedback.

Student tasks

Describe a method, its characteristics, and its properties.

Give examples of Methods Models.

Take notes on Methods Models alternatives.

Attempt to solve equations for the independent variables of engineering functions.

Answer questions that arise from the anatomy of Methods Models.


Define a Methods Models.

Find the engineering required for each Methods Models.

What are some of the difference between Methods Models?

Write a sentence describing the relationship between method engineering and consruction